8 Shows with nerdy girl leads you to need to watch

So often in the media, we are bombarded by women who fit an unrealistic standard of beauty that not many of us can achieve. Even more so we see many “perfect” women who chase after boys and the plotline focuses less on their goals and aspiration. We not feeling enough so let’s celebrate the amazing women who are being a boss owning their awkward and nerdy selves. If you’re looking for some awesome shows to watch highlighting nerdy girl leads we got you.

1. Never Have I Ever

Starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan a first-generation nerdy and witty sophomore in high school from Sherman Oakes, California that is trying to fit in, find a boyfriend and cope with her hardest year after losing her dad and being paralyzed. This is a fun quirky show to binge on, laugh, and weirdly feel relatable. Watch on Netflix with your Free Month Trial

2. The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

Just your average Latina rocket scientist that is working for NASA starring Paulina Chavez crushing it in her field and knowing nothing about boys proving that even if you work for NASA you cannot decode the mystery of mediocre men. This is a cute show to watch and follow for laughs . Watch on Netflix with your Free Month Trial


3. On My Block

The show follows a quirky squad in South Central Los Angeles dealing with gangs, love, and buried treasure. Sierra Capri is the team leader handling the boys and makes an unlikely friend Jessica Marie Garcia. The show will have you in your feels laughing and crying all seasons. Watch on Netflix with your Free Month Trial

4. Gentefied

Gentefied takes place in Boyle Heights with one of the main leads Karrie Martin and her cousins trying to keep their family taco shop in business amid growing gentrification. They battle through their connections with the community, staying in business, and adapting to what it means to be Latinx in the USA. Karrie is a queer artist who takes us through her journey of identity, following your passion and navigating culture. It also highlights the journey of her partner played by Julissa Calderon around afro-latinidad, queerness, and community. Watch on Netflix with your Free Month Trial .

5. Insecure

Now it’s in the fourth season the show follows Issa Rae who undergoes one awkward experience after the next while living navigating being a black millennial in Los Angeles. She goes through dating the fuckboys, handling her career, and trying to be carefree and fun but facing the realities of what it means to adult.

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6. Cristela

This stars Cristela Alonzo who has just started an internship at a prestigious law firm. Cristela lives with her Mexican-American family and navigates trying to be a modern-day girl boss and balance her traditions and culture. This is a hilarious show to watch with your family because it will be way too relatable for all the first-gen overachieving kids. Watch on Amazon Prime Video

7. The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling stars in the show that follows her career as an OB /Gyn doctor in Manhattan as she aspires to be a socialite but really she’s just awkward. It follows her surrounded by quirky co-workers, handling microaggressions, navigating the dating scene in New York City. Watch on Hulu.

8. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

If you love musical comedies this is for you. This follows Jane Levy a software engineer and just your typical knock on the head that makes her see everyone singing their deepest feelings. Not only is she handling being a woman in tech and one of the few in her workplace but her dad’s illness. This show tackles emotions and grief in a musical way. Watch on Hulu.