Episode 8: Meet Monica -A Professional Hypewoman

On Basic Brown Nerds episode 8, we are introducing Basic Brown Nerds to Monica!

So who is Monica? Monica (she/her/hers) is an undocumented DACA recipient and works as a social worker in Sacramento, CA. She loves to travel and write/rant about social justice on and off social media.

Our brown girl friendship began off of Instagram, or as we call it the tinder for friends where you can use the internet to find your tribe. While she was visiting she took NYC by storm! Bringing her #FridayDanceParty and letting us join in on the streets of NYC doing the #MonicaChallenge.

She is what I like to call a professional hype woman. Always there to hype up and supports latinx creators on and off the ‘gram.  She doesn’t just post online talking about human rights but goes out and does the work.  In addition to her day job, she is a  published writer and self-identified Femme Pansona. Listen in on this amazing human’s story, how our friendship has flourished, and convo with us!  Find her dance parties  & slide into her DMs on Instagram as @MonicaYFotos.

PS: Monica takes out the trash for us this week — women can be trash too (don’t be that girl)!

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Gracias for Joining us Monica! PPS: This from our photoshoot in bushwick

PS#2 wait … we have proof of the dance parties I’m not even kidding, she took NYC BY STORM!

It started when two of my friends @CarolinxCastrx and Monica met up IRL dancing in Colombia University, disrupting.

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Continued to Times Square where Monica played some Princess Nokia #IllegalsInTimesOfCrisis are #Undocumented&Unafraid

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turned into a SELENA fest on our night out in brooklyn with our instagram turned IRL  friends

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and ended with some Dembow in the streets

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Thank you Monica for bringing us so much joy and embracing all that we are <3

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Written by Joy Val

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