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Episode 1 – Let’s talk about Mental Health

Episode 1 – Let’s talk about Mental Health

In Episode 1, Joy and Grecia talk seasonal depression, anxiety, and the taboos of mental health issues in the latinx community. Winter is here and season depression is common during this time. We open up about our battles with mental illness, how we’ve handled it day to day, and dealing with the taboos that come with mental health issues in the latinx community especially when it comes to medication, therapy, and religion.

2 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Let’s talk about Mental Health”

  • So so happy you both talked about this so openly! I would love to hear your thoughts on:
    1. How as latinx we can find therapists that work for us
    2. What we can do to get that support when we don’t have the financial/time to get therapy
    3. In your experience, how can people around you be supportive & hold you accountable but not have unrealistic expectations
    4. What are little ways have you found to demystify mental health issues in your traditional immigrant families?
    5. When your not feeling well, what questions do you find helpful for others to ask for your sake and their sake

    • Hi Bianca,

      Sorry for the late response, these are great questions that we definitely need to explore more and talk about in our community. We are hoping to bring on experts and professionals in season 2 to better answer. But we have also started adding a segment with self care to the end of our episodes coming up in the next couple weeks. Thanks for the questions!!!

      <3 Joy

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