Ep. 4 ¿Y El Novio?


This episode is for everyone that has ever had to hear the phrase “¿Y el novio?”. This week Joy and Grecia talk about being single, Latina, and career oriented and how their families have reacted to this through the years. Joy starts a new segment called Taking Out the Trash.


For all our non-Spanish speakers “Y el Novio” is the “where is your boyfriend ” equivalent that all your Tias and family likes to ask about and validate your existence with. They’re tired only being visible by the men we are in relationships with rather than the accomplishments in their own lives. They talk about the inception of where this starts, from not being allowed to date then all of a sudden they are expected to be married.  Even starting with Quinceaneras, briefly discussing their own experiences in this tradition.

Grecia and Joy talk about what it means to be single, what we aspire to have in a future relationship. They explore what pressures you should and shouldn’t have a relationship. Grecia talks about being a single mom and dating, about how her daughter is her filter to know which men she can let into her life. Joy admits that she is trash, and realizes men have feelings too ( they still can be trash too though).

The new segment “Taking Out the Trash”, Joy exposes at the end a new trash man each week that had misshapen her views on man. If you listen to this for some weird reason and might be one of the trash men she’s exposing, don’t worry she’s using your chisme appointed nickname.


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Ep.3 – Latinx NYC Meet up & Review of Latin History for Morons

Where else you can listen, cause we are EVERYWHERE!

This week, Joy and Grecia talk about the Latinx NYC Meetup and disrupting the spaces on Broadway and Brunch. Along with their thoughts on John Leguizamo’s one-manshow “Latin History for Morons.”  Touching about African erasure & homophobia in Latinx history and teaser to Juana Inez de La Cruz on Netflix. And what is peak wokeness? Are we ever woke enough? And how do we stop ourselves from being the woke-police (cause they really don’t wanna be the woke-police).

Oh and Fangirling to LatinosWhoLunch Podcast that created spaces for Latinx and inspired us to start!!!!

Link to required reading/ books mentioned for Latin History for Morons


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