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Be a Guest Writer on Basic Brown Nerds!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest writer for BasicBrownNerds.com Blog launching 2019!

Who is a Basic Brown Nerd?

Our audience is the basic brown nerds, the ones that have been called coconuts for talking /acting “white” but hold deep reverence and love for their cultures. The kids who were made fun off in school for not being latinx or {Insert any other immigrant culture} “enough”. The kids that grew up into adults that critically analyze society while sipping on a $5 matcha iced tea  from Starbucks or some hip gentrifying tea shop knowing it’s problematic and speaking out against it (while sipping that tea.) Like Hassan Minaj, we border on the line of woke and lazy and will probably order amazon cause we’re too lazy to get up and drive to the store but will shop small, latinx, POC, whenever we can (and preferably if we can order online) #balance. We are the basic brown nerds that are figuring out and redefining our own narratives in this land – but we are now being 100% ourselves and these are our stories.

Content Submissions

Thank you for considering being a guest blogger on Basic Brown Nerds Blog – we are super excited to bring you on board. Please send hello@basicbrownnerds a content pitch of 2-3 sentences on what your article will be about and easy to be broken down into digestible portions. When approved by the BasicBrownNerds Team we will give a deadline and each post submitted will require 2-3 images that pertain to the post. Please try to make your article as publish ready possible and under 1000 words.  In any articles submitted please include your social media links & brief bio as well as any blog or website links to add in your author description. Bonus points: Include any memes/graphics that would fit to promote on social media. 

Content Topics

Topics include the following if there is a topic that is not listed and you would like to write on please email Hello@basicbrownnerds.com 
  • Travel (as a POC / Latinx/ “Other”)
    • My Hometown Series (or places you’ve called home)
    • Traveling as a ____
    • Tips & Advice on Traveling Solo
    • 5 must see/do in {Insert City or Country}
  • Romance & Relationships
    • The F*ckBoi Series
    • Online Dating Stories
    • Love & Hope (stories to give us home)
    • Navigating {XYZ} relationships
  • How I got into {Insert Your Profession}
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Science/Tech
    • Arts
  • Tech
    • Tech Tips 101
    • Apps to use
    • How to Guides
  • Mental Health
    • Stories on Navigating Mental Health
    • Tips on Mental Health Advocacy
  • Basic Browness
    • Diet Woke – topics that might be controversial in identity politics (sexist/racist/homophobic topics will not be approved)
    • Top Favorite foodie places
    • Being a “middle” ground – ni de aqui – ni the halla

If you are a brand or organization looking for publicity we are open to sponsored content, native articles, podcast commercials, and social media posts for basic brown nerds. Please reach out via email to Hello@BasicBrownNerds.com and team up with our Advertising Team preference & discounts is given to Women and Femmes of Color.

Sponsored Post Topics

  • Brands looking for promotion & services to sell
  • Event coverage that of your organization
  • Products that align with our brand
  • New Movie, Product, Art Work, Book, App Releases

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